St Mary’s Church, Haddiscoe


If you’ve ever travelled along the Beccles to Yarmouth road, you’ve must of seen the one of a kind, checker board round tower, standing on top of a hill, over looking the village of Haddiscoe. If you turn left, towards Reedham and then you take another left, up a little dirt country road, you’re there. And it’s a treat.

This Parish church was constructed in 1140, and undergone many re-modelling throughout the years. Later during the 12 century an aisle was added to the north. The tower is of Saxo-Norman, which is the oldest part of the church which has had three stages of construction itself, the base of the tower is Saxon, the upper parts of the tower are Norman, with the unique chequerboard top is 15th century.


You enter the church via a perfect Norman doorway, with a great iron work on the door, and it has been protected by the 15th century porch. Above the door is a Norman carving, I have researched on the internet, that it depicts St Peter.

The chancel, was extended eastwards in late 13 century, and you can see circular windows would of been in place, but as you can see they have been filled in for some reason. The north aisle, replaced a Norman chapel in 14th century, and the south nave wall was rebuilt.

The church is mainly built from flint, and ashlar dressing.





Unfortunately, both days we went to take photos, the church wasn’t open so we’re not able to get inside, but stepping into the porch, viewing the awesome Norman door, which is one of the finest I’ve seen, the iron work is just beautifully done. And the sculpture above it. With a Medieval head carvings engraved on the ceiling. I did take a picture of the beamed archway ceiling, but failed to find it. And the two windows, closed to the porch, showed to beautiful stained glass windows.

This has to be one of my favourite churches in the area where I live, hidden away behind trees on the A143, ย it is a gem.

Thank you for reading this weeks post!




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