All Saint’s Church, Worlingham


Honestly, I could say I had a post prepared for this week, and truthfully I didn’t. I’ve just come back from a weekend away with my friends at Center Parcs,  and had a wonderful time! On our way there, we went past quite a few outstanding churches on the A1066 road, and as I didn’t have a proper glance at them as I was driving, I made my best friend write them on the list I have on my phone, which keeps growing! When we left, just before 7pm, it was still very light outside, so when we got onto the A1066,  we decided to make a pit stop, at Garboldisham church. We were there for about 15 minutes, and I took a few snaps on her camera, and decided that I will have to take a day out, and drive down the A1066 road, to visit the churches in these little tucked away villages. The pictures I took of this church were not the best, so I will have to go back with when I have a good amount of time to spend there, and do a post on it then. I didn’t want to leave this week without putting up a post up so, I thought why not just do my village Church, the one where me and my sister were christened in, did our Nativity plays in, going to midnight mass, the church I was simply raised around.

This is going to be short and sweet, as I couldn’t find much history around the church. The church is Medieval, dates back to the 14th Century, but the site it stands on dates back to a church mentioned in a Domesday book. In the Victorian times, the church was majorly restored in 1873-4. You enter the church from the 14th Century nave doorway, which has a 15th Century porch. The roof was formerly thatched with reeds. It consists of a 14th Century nave and a chancel, there is a south aisle off the chancel and it has a square tower. There is a 15th Century 3 bay, Chapel on the south side of the chancel, and was built by a family, who took resident in the parish. Under the east window of this chapel, the floor is raised up step.  From the east end of the chapel is a doorway, giving assess to the alter, which is now used as a vestry.

I discovered that there used to be two churches in Worlingham. They were acquired to the Convent of Butley, the church of Little Worlingham St.Peter.




The church is almost always open if you so happen to pass by and want to look inside, I may come back and update this post at some point, as I really wish to find out more history about it and sadly it wasn’t open when I got there to take the photos, typical! I have never really had a proper look at the church, as you always don’t take notice of the things that you were brought up around, and walking around there today taking the snaps on my phone, it has impressed me how quite attractive it is. As I mentioned above, I was christened here, my primary school was apart of the church, which was situated just behind, which is where I took the photo below, but this building does not exist anymore. So our Nativity plays were held here. Maybe when I come back to update, I could try and find some pictures of this!

Thank you for reading!



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