St John the Baptist Church, Garboldisham


This delightful church, is on full view if travelling on the A1066 Diss – Thetford road and is one of many dotted down this road. I spotted it last weekend when travelling to Center Parcs, and on the way back me and my best friend, Mantha, stopped off to take a quick look, and was amazed with the features which makes the tower stand out, and how beautiful the windows were, the stained glass from the outside was wonderful enough, I couldn’t imagine how awesome it looked on the inside with the light shining through.

As it was nearly 8pm, and after a long day… well most of it was spent in the spa, we couldn’t stay long enough to get good enough photos, so I knew I had to make a trip back.


We picked a good afternoon to travel back down, despite the clouds which helps with taking photos in some ways, it was still warm and sunny when those clouds broke up. Arrived just as school was ending, so we had to park up a little road just off from the church, Garboldisham is such a beautiful little quiet village, somewhere where I could see myself moving too when I retire! Still a while to go for that. And it looks like the whole village centres around the church, it stood out in the sun magnificently.

This parish church dates back to the 13th Century. Parts of the chancel and the priest and vestry door are original 13C,  in 1862 most of the church was rebuilt and most of the 13th Century features were removed. The vestry door shows that there was a vestry present in the 13th Century too.

The church is built of flint with ashlar dressing and has slate roofs.



The nave, aisles and chapel all date back to the 14th Century. In the 15th Century the west tower was built in 3 stages, made of flint and limestone pieces in a chequerboard pattern. Around the bottom and all the way along the buttresses, flushwork patterns are a stunning stand out, with different letters probably meaning different things, and also Gothic style engraving, especially found on the north side porch, which has a inscription of 1500. As you walk inside, you can see beautiful stained glass windows, which were restored in 19th Century. They were created by J Powell & Son’s, and it really adds to the churches atmosphere.


This was taken in the chancel at the back of the church, it stood out as soon as you walk through those doors.GLVB5588LUAK9372


As it seems whenever I go to visit churches, they’re always closed, but the afternoon we went, it was open! And my god it was amazing, the first thing I said was it reminded me of Ely cathedral and I read in a information booklet, that it had connections with Ely. Above I took some photos of the stained glass windows, and some features that stood out to me. And the bottom photograph is of the flushwork around the tower.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a bit tricky to write but manged to figure it out. Make sure this church is on your list to visit in the future. I would like to give a shout out to Harry, firstly travelling with me after a early shift at work, and also for doing the photo collages for me, and the use of your camera and laptop!




One thought on “St John the Baptist Church, Garboldisham

  1. Once again , some impressive photographs. The ‘ frieze’ at the base of the building is really interesting. I cant remember seeing anything like it before.

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