All Saints Church, Kirby Cane


On one Sunday afternoon, me and my best friend finished looking around the vintage fair in Beccles, I decided that we should go round to look at some churches. I picked Ellingham church off my list and off we went. We went the way, we thought the church was at, and kinda got a bit lost… which is embarrassing because we’ve live in this area, how could we get lost? Going up and down the A143, and turning off into all the roads, we passed we just couldn’t find it. Yes we should of used a map, but our afternoon didn’t got to waste. We ended up going to 2 different churches, I never knew were there, and All Saints in Kirby Cane, a right hand turn just off the A143, Beccles – Ditchingham road.


As we drove down past a long tall, brick wall and just to our left, this small rounded tower, Norman church just sat there, both sides guarded by tall trees really showing how small this church was, as you can see from the picture above the tree, its over looking the tower. The Norman south door way really shows it age, as like many of the churches in this area, it is made of a west tower, nave, south porch, north aisle, chancel and north vestry. Additions, to the church were later added in the 18th Century, like the coved ceilings, in the aisle and chancel.



The aisle west window and roof, and chancel are 18th Centery too, but mostly all of the windows are 12th Century, execpt one which is Perpendicular, and that is located in the nave south wall.

You can see in the photo that the south porch is has blocked up round windows, with a gothic entrance arch.

This has to be one of my favourite churches I have visited, because it has so much charm to it, and the tower itself might not be as impressive as others in the area, but it stands out in its own way. You can just feel the history surrounding the grounds, you can tell its still loved to this day, as the graveyard was kept in good condition. Highly recommended to visit! 

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post. 


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