St Mary’s Church, Somerleyton


Somerleyton is very much a historic village to begin with, being home to a few famous faces. The village dates back to the Domesday book as Sumerledetuna. In 1240, a manor house was built on the site where the grand Somerleyton Hall is, a Grade II listed building, Admiral Sir Thomas Allin, who took part in the Battle of Lowestoft, and MP Samuel Morton Peto, are two past famous owners of the hall.

It is a beautiful village, which if you’ve visited before, then you would know it very much looks like it is stuck in time.


I couldn’t find much information about the church itself. It was built in the 15th Century, and was rebuilt in the 19th Century, by Samuel Morton Peto, who fortunately left most of the original historic pieces in tack. He left the the 15th Century screen, which is beautifully one of the best preserved screens in Suffolk.

Another gem found at this church, has to be the stain glass windows. The first time I went to visit the church, was back in May, and as we walked round we noticed the stained glass windows are we got round to the back of the church through the other set, and we were amazed by how bright they were when the sun was caught through them. At the time the church was locked. Two of the North Nave windows are 14th Century Flemish, orignally taken from St Olaves Priory. 

Overall this church, is located in such a wonderful area, near the Hall. Quite tucked away from civilisation, and surrounded by fields, like I said even the whole village is tucked away.

Thank you for reading this weeks post!  


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