All Saints Church, Wheatacre


Sometimes, I come across random churches by accident. When trying to find Aldeby church, we went down all these country roads which were leading towards the Waveney River Centre, getting a bit lost we decided to give up. Surrounded by flatland fields, and marsh land, in the distance I spotted this little gem, beaming in the sun. “There’s a church!” I said to my friend, was she was looking out the window, grabbing my phone to see where we were, matter of fact we were not too far away from where we began. I’m beginning to believe that these sorts of places are just calling my name for me to visit.


Obviously the first noticeable charm the church has to offer is the unique red brick and flint chequerboard tower, redbrick used like this isn’t common in this area. A little further down the road, this redbrick can be seen again in the at the St Mary’s, Burgh St Peter. The oldest part would be the chancel and north chapel which dates back to the 14th Century, and also the nave south door.


 You can see just how redbrick and flint works together in the tower, which dates back to the 16th Century, which back then during the Tudor period, it was a very common building materiel, i.e Hampton Court Palace. But still not seen very much in Norfolk. Also it was believed that the Nave was also rebuilt in the 16th Century also.

The church, was mostly rebuilt in the Victorian times.



 The interior once again, was greatly renovated in the Victorian times. It is mostly open everyday, and it has a real sense of community when you enter. We saw a poster for a cross stitch club, and their creations are dotted around and also pictures of past Reverends on the wall.


This church is well worth a visit. If you could find it, as it’s pushed back a bit from the roadside.  On my list as one of my favourites in the area.

Thank you for reading.


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