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St Mary the Virgin Church, Northrepps

I’m back! Sorry for the lack of posting, haven’t had much time to go out exploring churches. Over last weekend, I went away camping to a favourite campsite of mine along the North Norfolk coast. Along the way we pasted some grand small village churches, and it brought back some spark as to why I started this blog.

The campsite was dotted next to the sweet village of Northrepps, and on the way there we, got a tad lost with how the roads were laid out on Apple Maps, and passed this hidden back church in the distance. I soon said how we’ve got to go and visit it.

The mostly built 15th Century church, was situated on top of a hill, over towering the surrounding vintage houses. At the back of the church, fields went back for a few miles. As the village itself dates back to the Doomsday book, it is likely some sort of church existed back then. There are signs of  Norman and 13th Century work, one which is in the chancel, which has two lancet windows that date back to the 13th Century, and also has some surviving Norman windows too.

This is going to be the strangest compliment I will give, but the graveyard was the most neatest and well kept one I’ve seen. You can tell the church is big part in village commuinty.

You can see from the picture below how massive the tower is, and how it is towering above the trees around it. It was the same kind of style, I saw at Garboldisham church. The 4 points at the top, and the buttress and the flushwork around the base.

We were able to venture inside, you can see from the photo there is a north and south aisle, chancel, vestry and south porch. The beams we’re exposed, and the carvings of faces on the ceiling were painted. Which added a unique touch. What stood out to me, was the amazing stain glass windows. The south aisle window, which is shown in the top left picture, shows the Archangels, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael and a host of angels looking down on them.

If you’re ever on holiday in North Norfolk, this church is definitely worth a little visit. They’re more in the area to visit also, one to go and see is Cromer church. I never got round to visiting it, but we went past it a few times, and it looks glorious. One of my favourite places in the country is this area, with plenty more churches to discover.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, I will not leave it so long next time! I promise.


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