St Margaret’s Church, Toft Monks


Visibly seen off the main road A143, going through the small village of Toft Monks is St Margaret’s Church. Another fine example of a stunning Norfolk church. I have been here 4 times before deciding to write a post about it. Its set around a quiet and peaceful area, with fields surrouding it. One of my favourite churches to go to and think about things is because of this reason, and just because it’s so nice to look at.


Firstly what stands out the most is the rather elegant octagonal tower. At the top it shows impressive 15th Century flushwork and battlements, but in fact the inside of the tower is round, so it indicates that it was built in Norman times, before the 13th and 15th Century  octagonal skin was added. But it makes it stand out. This isn’t only the noticeable Norman feature. In the west wall, there are two strange Norman windows which go through into the tower and it seems that the two nave doorways are dated back to then as well. Must of looked very different before it was given that 15th Century face lift. The chancel dates back to the 13th Century and the nave has various Perpendicular style windows, and porch.




As you enter the porch you can first off notice some very awesome corbel heads, very creepy but also angelic in a sense. Made from wood and even though the wood as aged over time and made the heads look a bit twisted, they are still very good pieces of art. The inside was very calming and welcoming, you can see the amount of work it has gone under to restore. With the walls plastered up properly to keep it warm inside. But a very open and big place. On the east window, is some impressive stained glass. Looks beautiful with the sunlight just beaming through it.

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